Branch Organizations

Hem Genetics is member of following branch organizations:


Fleuroselect was founded in 1970 by European breeders of flower seed varieties. The objective of the organization is to stimulate the breeding of new seed and vegetative raised ornamental varieties by testing and describing these, as well as to protect the breeder’s rights and to promote awarded varieties. Fleuroselect is a European platform for breeders and distributors in the ornamental industry.

Home Garden Seed Association

The Home Garden Seed Association (HGSA) is a member driven organization made up of garden seed packet companies, seed growers for the packet trade and allied vendors. Organized in 2008 the membership is committed to promote gardening from seed.

All America Selections

All America Selections (AAS) mission statement is to promote new garden seed varieties with superior garden performance, judged in impartial trials in North America.

National Garden Bureau

Hem Genetics is proud member of NGB. National Garden Bureau is a non-profit organisation dedicated to educate, inspire and motivate people in North America to increase their use of plants in homes, gardens and work places, by being the marketing arm of the horticultural industry.

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Hem Genetics is a member of these branch organizations.