Fair labour



Hem Genetics is actively involved in breeding and development of new flower seed varieties and worldwide wholesale of its products. Together with our partners, we strive to develop, produce and to market our products according high ethical standards. In its business, Hem Genetics is committed to comply with the following principles of fair labour.

1.       Free choice of work:

Each employee has a free choice of employment and shall be free to leave its employer after giving reasonable notice. Workers are not required to deposit their identity papers. Labour is not demanded as a means of repayment for a loan.

2.       Respect:

 Mutual respect is a key element. We strive for a pleasant atmosphere, achieved in particular through openness and honesty, respect for others, team spirit, high moral standards and values. Harsh or inhumane treatment, including any form of abuse or intimidation is never acceptable.

3.       Fair treatment:

 Employees shall be treated equal in equal circumstances. Discrimination is not acceptable. Salaries for a standard working week meet at least national legal standards and shall be enough to pay for basic needs.

4.       Child labour:

 Hem Genetics has a zero tolerance policy against child labour. We are working within the branch organisation Plantum and together with other seed companies we ban and discourage the use of child labour. Taking into account the needs and customs of local communities.

5.       Working conditions:

 Safe and hygienic working conditions shall be provided, which are adequate for the type of work and taking into account the working environment. Adequate steps shall be taken to prevent accidents and injury to health. Working hours shall at least be in accordance with legal requirements of the respective country.

6.       Freedom of association:

 The right of employees to choose for union representation shall be respected.

7.        Employment :

We strive to provide employees with long-term employment contracts

8.       Statement:

Hem Genetics will, wherever possible, ensure that our suppliers adopt the standards that are contained in the Hem Genetics principles of fair labour.