Our company over the years

Hem Genetics was set up in April 1998 as a sister company to Hem Zaden BV. We specialise in developing, producing and launching high quality varieties and seed for pot and bedding plants for the professional ornamental horticulture industry.

In recent decades, consumers have increasingly moved away from buying seed, preferring instead to purchase plants from supermarkets and garden centres. To respond to this trend, Hem Zaden set up Hem Genetics in 1998. By now we have a large R&D team, including four breeders, that is working constantly on creating innovative and successful concepts that benefit the entire ornamental horticulture supply chain.


Unique novelties

To date, Hem Genetics has developed around 500 varieties, including several Fleuroselect and All America Selections award winners. A major breakthrough in our breeding efforts was the development of the world's first naturally dwarf petunias, Limbo and Mambo, which completely eliminate the need to use plant growth regulators. We also have lots of promising developments in the pipeline based on, among other things, our research into seed technology in collaboration with Hem Technologies.

Hem Genetics New series & colors


At Hem Genetics we specialise in developing compact varieties that reduce the use of chemical plant growth regulators (PGRs). Our naturally dwarf varieties, which come with the “Low Grow Approved” logo, need no PGRs at all and are therefore ideal for more sustainable production. Examples are our dwarf petunias Limbo and Mambo, along with geranium Nano, salvia Reddy and cineraria Quicksilver. Hem Genetics is one of the few breeding companies in the world to develop and market F1 bedding plant varieties that stay naturally compact. We are committed to creating environmentally responsible concepts such as these, as we regard this as an important step towards making both the ornamental horticulture sector and the world in general more sustainable.

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