F1 Viola cornuta

Selected for excellent uniformity within the wide range of colors. Corina has a compact, well-branched mounded habit that insures that the plant covers the pot well. The profuse fragrant small 2.5 cm (1”) flowers often entirely cover the plants which are produced continuously throughout the season. Suitable for both spring and autumn programs. Perfectly suitable for edging, rock gardens, packs, pots, hanging baskets and various containers.

  • Highly uniform in plant habit and earliness

  • Non-stretching well-branched plant habit

  • Excellent for spring and autumn production

  • Perfectly suitable for production in packs and pots

  • Profuse quantities of flowers colors all season long

  • Available both as raw and primed seed

Cultural Information:

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Life cycle: biennial
Use: packs, pots, containers, garden beds, borders
Height in pot: 15 cm (6”)
Pot size: packs, 9-12 cm (3.5-5”)
Garden height: 15-20 cm (6-8”)
Garden spread: 20-25 cm (8-10”)
Seed count: 1.100-1.400 s/gram (31.000-40.000 s/oz)
Seed form: raw and primed

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