F1 Catharanthus roseus

Flowers in spring up to two weeks earlier than open-pollinated Vinca and produces large flowers with overlapping petals. Strongly basal branching, it develops into a compact and sturdy plant. Due to hybrid vigor it can tolerate more stressful and withstand cooler conditions compared to open pollinated varieties. Recommended for production in all types of containers and packs.

  • Basal branching plant habit

  • Non-stretching

  • Flowers up to two weeks faster than O.P. vincas

  • More resilient to stressful conditions

  • Withstands cooler conditions

  • Ideal for a wide range of containers and the landscape

Cultural Information:

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Life cycle: annual
Use: packs, pots, containers, garden beds
Height in pot: 20 cm (8”)
Pot size: packs, 10-15 cm (4-6”)
Garden height: 20-30 cm (8-12”)
Garden spread: 20-30 cm (8-12”)
Seed count: 500-700 s/gram (14.000-19.600 s/oz)
Seed form: raw

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